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Model Railways Allotments Sheds & Fence Kit OO Gauge
Model Railway Allotments Sheds & Fence Kit OO Gauge This kit includes 4 different sheds that would be found on allotments or general housing plus you also get 56cm of the old steel/metal Corrugated Fences...
Chicken Sheds/Coops for OO gauge Model Railways
Model Railway OO Gauge / Chicken Sheds x 2 - Scenery Great Shed kit for Gauge OO Model Railways Scenery in the Countryside These represent a 7' 3" foot by 12 foot wooden Chicken Sheds (See photos of assembled...
Model Railway Engineers Pack OO gauge Figures
Engineers figures pack of 8 OO gauge Pack of 8 all hand painted making each one looking different. PLUS you get some Fluorescent Speed Restriction prints OO Gauge that can easily be glued to small wire...
Model Railway Garden Sheds for OO gauge layouts
Model Railway Garden Sheds x 4 OO Gauge Scenery Great Shed kit for Gauge OO Model Railways Scenery These represent a 6 foot by 4 foot wooden garden shed (See photos of assembled items) Brand New Packaged...
Model Railway Portable Toilet x 6 plus 3 figures OO Gauge
Model Railway OO Gauge Modern Portable Toilets Makes 6 Blue Portable loos - Self Build Kit Portable Loos Model Kit No: P1 These Portable toilets models are designs printed on Matte 130gsm Photo paper at...
Model Railway Phone Boxes - Modern Phone Boxes Kit 00 Gauge
Phone Box Model Railway Kit These Phone Box models are designs printed on Glossy 220gsm Photo paper at 300dpi through a inkjet printer (the gloss paper gives more realism as most vending machines are shiny...
Billboard Prints for 00 Gauge Model Railway 1:76
Model Railway Billboard Prints for 00 Gauge Model Railway 1:76 makes 9 boards Front And Back Each Board print size approx 85mm x 55mm height Modern everyday billboards including one board which has old...
60 Scaled sheets of 8ft x 4ft Simulated Plywood for OO Gauge
60 SCALED SHEETS OF 8ft x 4ft SIMULATED PLYWOOD OO GAUGE / 1:76 / 4MM PRINTED ON DOUBLE SIDED CARD BY INKJET PRINTERS (3 x 99mm X 210mm, included in each pack as seen in the pictures) This pack contains...
Model Railway Station Accessories Kit - SA1
Model Railway Station Accessories Set : 00/OO Gauge Model Railway 4 x Vending Machine Models Y ou Get 1 of each design making a total of 4 vending machines in a set These Vending Machine models are designs...
OO Gauge Skips Pack Model railway Accessories - Scenery
Model Railway OO Gauge Skips and Accessories Un-assembled kit from Marvin Model Railway Accessories 4 x Skips and 8 roadwork cones plus 3 printed inlays to represent rubbish if required 2 x Marvin Skip...
DISUSED TERRACED HOUSES for Back Scene Usage - I Dimensional 00 Gauge
DISUSED TERRACED HOUSES FOR BACK SCENE USAGE Kit No: THD1 1 Dimensional Highly Detailed Prints 4 x PAPER SHEETS OF OO GAUGE / 1:76 / 4MM Each sheet contains 4 terraced houses You receive 16 houses in kit...
Trackside Huts - Model Railway 00/OO gauge Kit No. TS1
Model Railway Trackside Huts - OO Gauge plus Portable loo and 2 workmen Kit Great Line side kit for Model Railways Scenery - Brand New Packaged and inkjet printed by us All you need to do is stick/glue...